Edgevirt Virtual Compute, Compute+ and Storage product lines support Cloud-Init powered template installs of CentOS 7.5.


How to Re-Install your Virtual Machine with the CentOS 7.5 Template

  1. To locate the service you wish to re-install, navigate to the "Services" menu;
    • From the "Products and Services" menu, select the Virtual Machine you wish to re-install.
  2. Select "Reinstall" from the "Additional Tools" menu located to the left hand side.
  3. On the "Reinstall" page you will see a list of available templates, search for "centos-7-gen3" and select "Reinstall".
    • The "Reinstall" button looks like this;
  4. A confirmation will pop-up asking you to enter the password for the new Virtual Machine, enter your desired password and click "Confirm"
  5. Once processed, you will be re-directed back to the Virtual Machine "Overview" page, where an alert will appear confirming the Virtual Machine is being re-installed;
  6. After a few minutes, you screen will refresh and you will be given back control of your new Virtual Machine.
  7. To confirm installation of your new CentOS 7.5 Virtual Machine you may simply SSH into it, or you can proceed to the noVNC Console;
  8. Upon clicking, a new pop-up will appear with the "noVNC Console" allowing you access to your server;
  9. Once you login with the desired "Username" and "Password" you will see the "Edgevirt CentOS 7.5 MOTD". You have successfully installed CentOS 7.5
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